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Isaak Presley Age, Parents, Girlfriend, Height, Wiki & Net Worth 2019

Isaak Presley was born on 16 June 2002. He was born in Los Angeles, California a city of United States of America. He is the son of Lou Presley. He is famous as An Actor, Singer, and a YouTuber.

He is 5 feet and 4 inches tall which is equals to 1.62m. His nationality is American. His ethnicity is White. His net worth is $1.5M yearly.

He is the rising star of Gen Z generation. He is one of the magnificent kids of our time. He is famous because of an actor, A singer, A Gymkhana, A very fast growing You Tuber and a Guitarist. Presley started as Ethan Diaz in Disney’s film which stuck in the middle from 2016-2018.

Disney’s series Austin & Ally is consist of 2 episodes. In this, Isaak’s fame got shuffle up when he performed as Ethan Diaz which stuck in the middle and lead in 2016.

Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey Jr are the two personalities that inspire the Isaak. Isaak always wants to work with them. He also tries to work like them.

These two persons inspire him to work and his work brings him up in a very short time. Now he is famous as these two persons. These two persons become a source of inspiration to him.

Isaak’s talent in singing is also of great importance. His talent helps him to win the Official Voice of Norco award. He became very famous when he sang a song which is “Cowboys are Real men”. He sang this song in his childhood.

He also started playing guitar at the age of 5 years. He attended many events in Southern California. He sings songs which he writes himself. He amused his father and his father’s friends. He writes songs in English and Spanish.

He amused them with his real vocals. Isaak as a singer released many songs including about love, Be king & Cowboys are real men, etc. He is also trying to release an album of himself.

He will be able to release this album one day. We hope that he will release this album as soon as possible.

Besides these qualities, Isaak Presley has also many other talents. He is a good horse rider. He has won many prizes in the horse riding competitions. He also has been very equestrian since the age of four.

He also won many rodeos. He has won about twenty gold medals as a Gymkhana rider. He also practiced as martial arts at the age of 3 years. Now he is the best in the martial arts. Due to martial arts, he is known as Bibliophile.

Presley had focused on some matters. He was once compared with a good American actor Elis Presley who died in 1977.

Isaak Presley born in Southern Los Angeles, California, When he born his mother died, he left with his father. We can say that the great entertainer has no mother. His father brought him up.

His father was born in Cuba. His father was born with his twin sister Rosa. Isaak Presley is known with the reference of his father Mr. Lou Presley.

Isaak Presley is 17 years old with the reference of 2002. He will turn to 18 in 2020. His weight is 125lbs, which is equal to 56kg.


Isaak Presley along with other celebrities has a girlfriend. Presley along with other personalities chose the same way he has a relationship with a girl who is his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s name is Jenna Ortega. She has a love for Isaak but the Isaak does not a response to her. He also has a relationship with another girl who is Leigh McConnell.

Isaak has a relationship with both of them at the same time. But we don’t know that with her he is at this time. Isaak started dated with Leigh McConnell in 2016 and finished this dated system also in 2016.

In 2016, Leigh McConnell added a photo of Isaak and added caption “Happy birthday Honey” and talking as two BF and GF. Leigh McConnell is a model in New York. On another side, Jenna Ortega posted his photo with Isaak and say about the picture as Isaak has a special relationship with her. 

The net worth of Isaak is $1.5M yearly. As a beginner, In the film industry, his net worth is very low in starting but with time his net worth grows and he became very popular. He is also becoming very famous on YouTube.

He has gotten about 117,000 subscribers. YouTube is very popular. He is only 17 years old and he is earning 1.5M dollars. He is raising the star of our time. He is a very talented person. One day, his fans hope that he will become a very big Bollywood star.

He is counted in those people who are talented from their childhood.  He is one of the great actors in the Bollywood industry.

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